DBACentral for MySQL — News

DBACentral for MySQL — News

DBACentral for MySQL v1.8 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL presents a variety of improvements for working with MySQL data, PHP web pages, and other features.

DBACentral Manager for MySQL has been released!

Our company is pleased to present the new product from the DBACentral family – DBACentral Manager for MySQL - a simplified edition of DBACentral for MySQL, which is specially developed for managing MySQL databases and database objects.

DBACentral for MySQL Received BEST SOFT of 2005 from PC Magazine Russian Edition

DBACentral for MySQL was reviewed in the October 2005 issue of PC
Magazine Russian Edition and received the BEST SOFT of 2005 award.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.7 has been released!

DBACentral v1.7 introduces two new unique features: import forms from MS Access and import BLOB images from MS Access along with many other improvements.

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DBACentral for MySQL v1.6 has been released!

DBACentral v1.6 introduces powerful band-oriented data reports, query-based forms and web-pages, and lot more.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.5 has been released!

DBACentral v1.5 introduces uploading images in PHP forms, full customization of the data grid and check boxes in forms.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.4 has been released!

DBACentral v1.4 introduces PHP-based web pages for viewing and editing table data, secure SSH tunneling, and other features.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.3 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. DBACentral v1.3 provides significantly improved task pane, form designer, microOLAP Database Designer model import, and other new features.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.2.1 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. Since now you can use a special DBACentral Run-Time Edition, work with views (in MySQL 5.0.1), stored procedures and functions (in MySQL 5.0.0), print the relationships diagram and use a bunch of new features.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.0.5 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. Since now DBACentral for MySQL works with all MySQL server versions, currently released. Also a lot of new options are added in the new version, and a bunch of bugs are fixed.

DBACentral for MySQL v1.0 has been released!

The long-awaited headliner of the DBACentral Product Family has been finally released!

We are proud to present an absolutely new product which brings MySQL database management to the new level of fastness and simplicity. DBACentral expands the boundaries of MySQL functionality and makes your work with MySQL as easy as you couldn't expect.

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