DBACentral for MySQL v1.5 has been released!

DBACentral for MySQL v1.5 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released.  DBACentral v1.5 introduces uploading images in PHP forms, full customization of the data grid and check boxes in forms.

Download the new trial version of DBACentral for MySQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Uploading images through PHP web-pages is implemented. Check the ‘Allow upload image(s)’ property of image and table components in page design view.
[+] The Data Grid is fully customizable now. You can tune colors, fonts and background bitmaps for all grid elements.
[+] New form component - check boxes for boolean field values is added.
[+] Now you can edit table, form, and web-page properties without opening the designer window. Use the Properties… item of the profile popup menu to open the proper dialog window.
[+] Importing from password protected Access databases is now available.
[+] Options for expanding/collapsing all groups are added to the Data Grid popup menu.
[*] Now you can use the '%' and '_' symbols (without quotes) within the 'Filter For' box in the grid popup  menu to represent any series of characters or any single character respectively.
[*] Ctrl+Enter key combination can be used for posting the current edit values and use Tab to proceed to the next cell when editing in the Data Grid.
[*] Generation of PHP code is improved in several ways.
[-] Fixed several bugs in Form Data View.
[-] Fixed several bugs in relationships window.
[-] Fixed bug with starting DBACentral under the account, which does not have administrator rights.

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