DBACentral Manager for MySQL has been released!

DBACentral Manager for MySQL has been released!

Our company is pleased to present the new product from the DBACentral family – DBACentral Manager for MySQL - a simplified edition of DBACentral for MySQL, which is specially developed for managing MySQL databases and database objects.

Download the trial version of DBACentral Manager for MySQL right now at:

DBACentral Manager is a new utility for managing MySQL databases. It is based on the standard DBACentral edition and provides quite similar functionality, still having a lot of important differences.

The main differences are:
- no connection profiles stored in files;
- no stored queries, forms, web-pages, and reports are available;
- all connections you set up are available in a handy database tree;
- the recent connection list allows a one-click connection to the most recently used databases;
- main database window provides object tree view mode, which allows you to view and modify all table columns and indexes without opening the table designer;
- the new function for tables and views – ‘Open as form’/‘Form View’ is available; it generates the auto-form from the selected table and opens it for viewing and updating data;
- the web page wizard is available for tables and views via right-click in the main database window.

All principal features of DBACentral, which concern database administration, are available in DBACentral Manager as well. You can design tables, views, functions, and procedures, manager users, monitor server activity, backup and restore databases, execute SQL scripts and so on.

If all you need is create and maintain MySQL databases, tables, users, then DBACentral Manager for MySQL is right what you need.

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