DBACentral for MySQL v1.3 has been released!

DBACentral for MySQL v1.3 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. DBACentral v1.3 provides significantly improved task pane, form designer, microOLAP Database Designer model import, and other new features.

Download the new trial version of DBACentral for MySQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] The Quick Connection interface significantly improved. Now you can use the list of recently connected hosts and you don’t have to enter your login/password each time you connect to the host. That makes it much easier for you to work with several servers and databases.

[+] Form Designer: the Form Inspector floating window is added (it works in the same way as Object Inspector in Delphi). Now you can always view all property values of the selected control and you don’t have to run a dialog each time you need to change these properties.

[+] Form Designer: the Form Tree View floating window is added. It allows you to view and change the control hierarchy and drag the table fields onto a form for creating the new controls quickly.

[+] The microOLAP Integration features are implemented. Use the Import Database Designer Model and Import ISQL Profile wizards to import tables, relationships, and domains from the Database Designer models and import connection properties from MyISQL.

[+] Data Grid: the ability to merge neighbour cells with equal values. Use the grid popup menu to enable this feature.

[+] Data Grid: selection limit values are now saved for each tables.

[+] New options for customizing data grid are added to the Options dialog.

[+] The task pane is slightly improved.

[-] Now if you change a column name in Table Designer, you don’t lose data for this column.

[-] Now ADO database import from MS SQL works correctly.

[-] Several bugs in parsing stored procedures and functions are fixed.

[-] Fixed several bugs in the Query Designer.

[-] Fixed bug with access violation on displaying “non-existent” date values in data grid.

[-] Fixed bug with incorrect displaying the filter panel in the form data window with some specific DPI settings.

[-] Fixed several bugs with designing grid components in Form Designer.

[-] Fixed errors, occurred on connecting to MySQL v3.22.

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