DBACentral for MySQL v1.7 has been released!

DBACentral for MySQL v1.7 has been released!

The new version of DBACentral for MySQL has been released. DBACentral v1.7 features importing forms and BLOB images from MS Access, new abilities in tuning form controls, ability to set the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a default value, and more.

Download the new trial version of DBACentral for MySQL right now at:

Full list of current changes:

[+] Importing forms from MS Access. Now migrating from MS Access to MySQL becomes a lot easier as you can transfer your Access forms into DBACentral in a minute. Most of the Access components are supported: text boxes, combo boxes, check boxes and images. This feature will be improved in future releases, so any feedback is really welcome.

[+] Importing BLOB images from MS Access is implemented. Now if your Access database contains BMP, JPEG, GIF or PNG images, they can be copied into MySQL database correctly.

[+] The new abilities for tuning the grid component in your GUI forms are now available. You can set up column headers, alignments, and make the selected grid columns read-only.

[+] Now you can use the combo box components in forms not only with ENUM fields. The 'Value List' property allows you to assign a custom set of values to the component.

[+] The new option for TIMESTAMP fields in Table Designer. Now you can use the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP value as default field value, if your server version allows.

[+] New options were added into the User Designer according to the changes in latest MySQL versions.

[*] Some improvements in tuning button components within the Form Inspector were made.

[-] Fixed error with displaying users on MySQL 5.0 and higher.

[-] Fixed several errors with MS Access import.

[-] Fixed bug with the multi-word ENUM values in data grids, forms, and web pages.

[-] Fixed bug with switching from SQL View to Design View in Table Designer.

[-] Fixed bug with displaying lookup values in form grids.

[-] Fixed bug with inserting new values into detail form grids.

[-] Fixed bug with using checkboxes in forms.

[*] Several other minor improvements.

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