Create a Report

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You can generate an HTML report, which will contain detailed information about the objects placed in the diagram, and diagram picture.

To generate an HTML report, follow these steps:

1. Select Tools | Create Report to call the Create HTML Report tool.

2. The report generation dialog window will appear.

Please examine the dialog window controls:

File name

Enter the name for the file, in which you want to store the contents of the generated report.

Report style

Select the style of the report from this drop down menu. A style applies graphical environment to the report, such as font color, background, etc.

Include the diagram in the Report

Check this option to insert diagram image into the report.

Show report on complete

Click on this option to open an HTML report in a default browser window after the generation.

In the Selection tab you can choose the objects you want to export.

There are several subtabs: Tables, Views and Stores Routines. Each of them allows you to select appropriate database objects. Click on the checkbox near the object to enable its export. Pay attention to the Select All and Deselect All buttons on the tab, they allow you to select/deselect all objects in the list.

Click OK to generate the report.

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