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Restore definition and/or data of named table only.


property TableNames: TStrings;


Restore definition and/or data of only the named tables. For this purpose, "table" includes views, materialized views, sequences, and foreign tables. This option can be combined with the SchemaNames option to specify table(s) in a particular schema.

When property is specified, TPSQLRestore makes no attempt to restore any other database objects that the selected table(s) might depend upon. Therefore, there is no guarantee that a specific-table restore into a clean database will succeed.

This property does not behave identically to the TableNames property of TPSQLDump. There is not currently any provision for wild-card matching in TPSQLRestore, nor can you include a schema name within.

In versions prior to PostgreSQL 9.6, this property matched only tables, not any other type of relation.

See also: SchemaNames