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TPSQLStoredProc encapsulates a dataset with a result set that is based on an server stored procedure.

Use TPSQLStoredProc to access PostgreSQL stored procedure in a database. A stored procedure is a grouped set of statements, stored as part of a database server's metadata (just like tables, indexes, and domains), that performs a frequently-repeated, database-related task on the server and passes results to the client.

Many stored procedures require a series of input arguments, or parameters, that are used during processing. TPSQLStoredProc provides a Params property that enables an application to set these parameters before executing the stored procedure.

TPSQLStoredProc, unlike BDE TStoredProc, doesn't reuse the Params property to hold the results returned by a stored procedure. Because PostgresSQL stored procedure never return results in parameters, but every time stored procedures return result set similar to the result set returned by a query.

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