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Run the most time-consuming parts of restore using multiple concurrent jobs.


property Jobs: integer;


This property can dramatically reduce the time to restore a large database to a server running on a multi-processor machine.

Each job is one process or one thread, depending on the operating system, and uses a separate connection to the server.

The optimal value for this option depends on the hardware setup of the server, of the client, and of the network. Factors include the number of CPU cores and the disk setup. A good place to start is the number of CPU cores on the server, but values larger than that can also lead to faster restore times in many cases. Of course, values that are too high will lead to decreasing performance because of thrashing.

Only the custom archive format is supported with this option. This option is ignored when emitting a script rather than connecting d irectly to a database server. Also, multiple jobs cannot be used together with the option roSingleTransaction.

See also: Options