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Specifies whether an application expects to receive a live result set when the query executes.


property RequestLive: Boolean;


Set RequestLive to specify whether or not the query should attempt to return a live result set to the application. RequestLive is False by default, meaning that a query always returns a read-only result set.

Set RequestLive to True to request a live result set. Setting RequestLive to True does not guarantee that a live result set is returned. PostgreSQL returns a live result set only if the SELECT syntax of the query conforms to the syntax requirements for a live result set.

If RequestLive is True, but the syntax does not conform to the requirements, PostgreSQL returns an error code for remote servers.

After activating the TPSQLQuery, inspect the CanModify property to determine whether the request for a live result set was successful.

All multi-table queries return read-only result sets.