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Specifies whether the parameter list for a query is regenerated if the SQL property changes at runtime.


property ParamCheck: Boolean;


Set ParamCheck to specify whether or not the Params property is cleared and regenerated if an application modifies the query's SQL property at runtime. By default ParamCheck is True, meaning that the Params property is automatically regenerated at runtime. When ParamCheck is True, the proper number of parameters is guaranteed to be generated for the current SQL statement.

This property is useful for data definition language (DDL) statements that contain parameters as part of the DDL statement and that are not parameters for the TPSQLQuery. Set ParamCheck to False to prevent these parameters from being mistaken for parameters of the TPSQLQuery executing the DDL statement.

An application that does not use parameterized queries may choose to set ParamCheck to False, but otherwise ParamCheck should be True.