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Beta of the Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.8 is out

Database Designer for MySQL - 07/18/2016
Beta introduces new SSH tunneling and flexible control over columns default values.

Meet the MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.11.3

Database Designer for PostgreSQL - 07/13/2016
This release improves user experience allowing hide unneeded objects. Adds option to not run executor after database generation or modification. Allows run default application associated with .sql files. Fixes two nasty bugs.

MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL v1.11.2 maintenance release

Database Designer for PostgreSQL - 06/09/2016
This is maintenance release focused on tuning bug reports facility.
Everybody should consider upgrading to this version as soon as possible.

MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL release v1.11.1 is out!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL - 05/26/2016
This release adds long-awaited functionality for reference (foreign key) custom points and fixes several non-critical display bugs.

PostgresDAC 3.1.3 is released

PostgresDAC - 05/24/2016
This maintenance release fixes a bug for dsoRefreshModifiedRecordOnly mode and improves positioning after Post for some queries

EtherSensor Version

Microolap EtherSensor - 05/11/2016
EtherSensor Version

DAC for MySQL 3.0.5 is out!

DAC for MySQL - 04/28/2016
This release includes RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support, a few improvements and bug fixes.

Database Designer for MySQL 2.1.7 released

Database Designer for MySQL - 04/28/2016
New maintenance release introduces JSON type support

PostgresDAC 3.1.2 meets RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin!

PostgresDAC - 04/21/2016
Support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin, Lazarus 1.6 and FreePascal 3.x added.

DAC for MySQL 3.0.4 is out!

DAC for MySQL - 03/29/2016
This release includes Refresh Record features, improvements and bug fixes.

PaGoDump and PaGoRestore v9.5.1 are available

PaGoDump - 03/10/2016
PostgreSQL v9.5.1 support introduced. Support for 9.4.5 and 9.3.7 versions added as well. Some bugs fixed.

PostgresDAC 3.1.1 is out

PostgresDAC - 03/04/2016
This is maintenance release which updates client libraries used and fixes some rare bugs.

DAC for MySQL 3.0.3 is out!

DAC for MySQL - 02/23/2016
This release includes Prepare feature based on the MySQL binary protocol, packages for work with FastReport, improvements and bug fixes.

EtherSensor Version

Microolap EtherSensor - 02/09/2016
EtherSensor Version

PostgresDAC 3.1.0 meets PostgreSQL 9.5!

PostgresDAC - 01/25/2016
Support for PostgreSQL 9.5 added.

MicroOLAP Database Designer meets PostgreSQL 9.5

Database Designer for PostgreSQL - 12/29/2015
This minor release introduces support for upcoming PostgreSQL 9.5 and provides new SSH tunneling facility out of the box. Several bugs were fixed as well.

DAC for MySQL 3.0.2 is out!

DAC for MySQL - 12/22/2015
This release includes critical fixes for iOS Device x64 target platform and other bug fixes.

EtherSensor Version

Microolap EtherSensor - 12/16/2015
EtherSensor Version

EtherSensor Version

Microolap EtherSensor - 12/15/2015
EtherSensor Version

PostgresDAC 3.0.4 is available

PostgresDAC - 12/03/2015
This release introduces support for latest PostgreSQL version, extends payload by adding new TPgSSHDatabase implementation, improves dump and restore machinery, fixes all known bugs.
News 41 - 60 of 470
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