PostgresDAC 3.2.3 is available

PostgresDAC 3.2.3 is available

This maintenance release provides the latest client libraries, introduces TFmtBcdField parameters support in TPSQLUpdateSQL and fixes some non-critical bugs.

Full change log:
[!] v9.6.3 client libraries added
[!] v9.6.3 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added
[+] EPSQLDatabaseError message now uses native SQL state codes for PostgreSQL specific errors
[+] TFmtBcdField parameters support added to TPSQLUpdateSQL
[*] Creating duplicated parameters for TPSQLQuery.Params is prevented
[*] Implicit type casting added to prevent AV bugs in 64-bit compilers
[-] "Incorrect schema and owner marking for comments and security labels of some types of database objects in PTSQLDump" fixed
[-] Some additional checks added for C++ Builder installer
[-] TPSQLDump and TPSQLRestore correctly handle privileges for the public schema for doClean\roClean options
[-] Typo in TPSQLDump's query for initial privileges of a procedural language fixed

You're welcome to download the latest release right now at:
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