PostgresDAC 3.2.0 is out!

PostgresDAC 3.2.0 is out!

New milestone PostgresDAC release is out! Now with PostgreSQL 9.6 and Android target platform support. From now and on NUMERIC fields are mapped to TFmtBcdField, that allows manipulating this type of values with immense flexibility.
This release contains breakdown change, thus developers should check their sources where NUMERIC fields are used.

Full changelog:
[!] Android target platform support added
[!] v9.6.0 client libraries added
[!] v9.6.0 dump & restore libraries (pg_dump.dll, pg_restore.dll) added
[!] NUMERIC fields are mapped to TFmtBcdField from now
[+] TPSQLRestore.SchemaNames property introduced to specify multiple schemas
[+] doStrictNames option added to TPSQLDump.Options
[+] roStrictNames option added to TPSQLRestore.Options
[*] TPSQLRestore.TableNames property to match all types of relations, not only plain tables
[*] In TPSQLDump locally-made changes in privilege assignments for system objects
[*] TPSQLRestore.SchemaName property removed as deprecated, use SchemaNames instead
[-] Assigning MEMO fields to empty string may cause memory leak

You're welcome to download the latest release right now at:
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