Microolap Database Designer for MySQL v2

New registration key

Valid until April 30, 2010.

New registration key

Valid until February 28, 2010.

ALPHA-4 version

Long-awaited and one of most wanted features implemented: Model syncronization with database changes. Please take a look at "Already implemented features" section for details. Your feedback is important for us!

ALPHA-3 version

This version adds support for diagram revisions. Please take a look at "Already implemented features" section for details. Your feedback is important for us!

New registration key

Valid until December 31, 2009.

ALPHA-2 version

This version introduces diagram objects grouping support. Now you can create colored groups on diagram and add objects to them.

New registration key

Valid until October 31, 2009.

Latest version

There is only main executable file without installer available for now. Please take a look at pre_release_readme.EN.txt file after downloading.

  • Download link: EXE file only (0 bytes, 31 Dec 1969)
  • Build number: (alpha 4)

Registration details

Registration keys for ALPHA-version are time-limited. Usually key is updated every two month.

  • Registration name: Alpha Tester
  • Registration key: 01BZMA-ZB3W71-14B505-B4Y0B4-2QPHZ9-F2DYZK-ZQZ7X6-8PYFZB-ADU5QG-QHYUKJ
  • Valid until: March 01, 2011

Already implemented features

  • New Ribbon-based GUI
  • New Compare Engine
  • You can compare diagram with diagram, diagram with database and even database with another database now! Since version 2.0-alpha3 you can also compare revisions of diagram.
  • New Modify Engine
  • Apply changes of your diagram to database easy!
  • Manual drawing of references
  • Now you can draw references manually point-by-point or let MyMDD calculate them automatically as before.
  • Unicode support
  • Full Unicode support for all editors and GUI
  • Ability to group objects on diagram
  • Diagram versioning (revisions)
  • Now you can create diagram snapshots called revisions. You can open previous revisions using new Revision Manager, save revisions to separate model file. Another useful feature is comparing diagram revisions using Compare Diagram tool to track changes of diagram between two revisions. You can also build SQL code according to compare results. This can be very useful for modifying real database after diagram modification.
  • Model synchronization with physical database changes (partial reverse engineering)
  • Version alpha4 brings one of long-awaited and most wanted features: Model synchronization with physical database changes. MyMDDv2 compares physical database with your model, shows you changes list and allows you to apply all or several of this changes to your model. For example you'd add column using "ALTER TABLE tbl ADD ..." query. With this new feature you can get this new column in your database model.
    This feature based on new Compare Engine. This means that you can compare everything you want not only physical DB with your model. For example you can compare two revisions of Model_A and apply differences to Model_B.
    Please note: this feature is still untested. It mades a lot of changes to your model in some cases. Please be sure to backup your model file or create new revision before trying it. Please contact us if have any problems or suggestions!

TODO features

  • Including diagrams
  • Ability to include outer diagram to current one, nesting all objects and references

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