Export to Graphics

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You can export your diagram to an image file and then use its graphical representation in external applications. For example, insert a diagram image into your program documentation (e.g. use MS Word), create big posters with your diagram, publish them to Web.

Database Designer for MySQL supports the following image types:

Vector graphics: Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF).
Bitmap images: PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP.

Use the Application Menu | Export  menu item. Export Model to Graphic dialog will appear.


Select file name and type in Select image file dialog showed by "..." button in File name editor.

You can also check Split into pages and/or Show image on complete options.

Click OK to save the file.

Please note:
Exporting a diagram to the vector graphics format allows you to freely scale a diagram of any size without any noticeable distortions. It enables you to create big posters with the diagram to demonstrate the data logic of your application.