Event Manager

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The Event Manager allows you to view and modify the basic parameters of all events within the diagram. To open the Event Manager use the Event Manager (event-manager) item on Diagram tab of the Ribbon or press Ctrl + 8.


The main part of the dialog is the event grid. The grid rows stand for the events, and the grid columns for their parameters.

These parameters can be changed by using Event Editor for each view one by one, but with the manager you can do it much more quickly.

The grid allows you to modify the following properties:

The name of the event.

Suppresses event deletion after event become expired.

Enables or disables event right after creation.

Event Type
Displays event type (Transient or Recurrent). Read-only.

Start Time and End Time
Displays start and end execution times for recurrent events. Read-only.

Includes the event to the default selection in the Database Generation and Database Modification tools.

Searching an event in the list

If your diagram contains large number of events, it may be important to search for an event in a most easy way. To find an event quickly by its name, click the Find button (icon-find) at the dialog toolbar. The Find Name dialog will appear. Type in the name of an event to find and click OK. If the event is found the grid cursor positions on the appropriate row.

Running the Event Editor

If you want to change some parameters of the event, select the appropriate event in the dialog and click the Edit button (icon-edit-table) of the dialog toolbar. The Event Editor will appear, where you can edit all the parameters for the selected event.

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