Diagram Versioning (Revisions)

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Since version 2.0 Database Designer for MySQL supports diagram versioning (revisions). Revision of diagram is diagram state saved in particular moment. In other words list of diagram revisions is a kind of diagram's changes history. Each revision has number, date and comment. With Database Designer for MySQL you can create revisions of your diagrams, return your diagram state to this revisions, save revisions to separate diagram file, compare revisions to review changes between them, generate SQL code to apply changes between revision to physical database. Revisions in Database Designer for MySQL  has a lot of common with source version control systems such as Subversion, Git, CVS and others.

Please note:
Diagram revisions are saved to separate file with the same filename but with .dmrev extension added.

Database Designer for MySQL provides following tools to work with revisions:

Revision Manager to manage revisions: view, delete, export to separate model file and so on.
Compare Diagram tool can be used to compare revisions of the same diagram and to generate SQL code that applies changes between revisions to physical database.

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