Diagram Synchronization

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Diagram Synchronization overview

Diagram Synchronization is modifying your diagram to lead to some physical database state. For example you have made some changes directly in your physical database using ALTER TABLE statements or with some third-party database administration tool. Now you want to make the same changes to your diagram, i.e. synchronize your diagram with physical database.

Please note:
Diagram Synchronization is opposite process to Database Modification.

That's how the Diagram Synchronization tool works:

1. Reverse engineers your existing MySQL database.

2. Compares your current database diagram with the result of reverse engineering.

3. Creates a list that contains differences between database objects and diagram objects. Then lets you to examine this list and to select changes you want to apply to diagram.

4. After analyzing the difference list, applies selected changes to opened diagram.

Database Designer for MySQL allows to synchronize your diagram with physical database using Compare Diagram tool.

Step by step guide

Please note:
Diagram Synchronization can perform a lot of changes to you diagram. So it is usually a good idea to backup your diagram before synchronizing it. You can just create new diagram revision before synchronizing diagram with database to have a way to rollback synchronization later.

To synchronize your diagram, please follow these steps.

1. Open diagram you want to synchronize with some database.

2. Start Compare Diagram tool by selecting the Compare Diagram ( compare-diagrams ) item on Diagram tab of the Ribbon or press Ctrl + F6.

3. Currently opened model is selected by default at "Source (left) model" page. So press Next button.

4. On "Target (right) model" page you need to select physical database you want to synchronize diagram with. Select Physical MySQL database option. Then use ... button to select Database Connection Profile. Press Next button.

5. Review selected diagram and Database Connection profile at final wizard page and press Finish button.

6. Compare Result dialog will appear. Use "Show changes only" checkbox to hide unchanged items. There are all changes between selected physical database and current diagram listed in this dialog. You can use checkboxes in right objects tree to select / unselect particular changes to be applied to diagram.

7. Press Apply changes to model button if you want to apply selected changes to diagram. Or press Close button to close this dialog.

8. After pressing Apply changes to model button Select Database Model dialog will appear with current diagram selected by default.

9. Ensure that proper diagram is selected in drop-down control and press OK button. Selected in Compare Result dialog changes will be applied to this diagram.

10. Review your diagram. If everything is OK you can save it.

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