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Executes a specified type of SQL statement to perform an update for read-only result set.


procedure ExecSQL(UpdateKind: TUpdateKind);


Call ExecSQL to execute the SQL statement necessary for updating the records belonging to a read-only result set. UpdateKind specifies the statement to execute, and can be one of the following values:


Execute the SQL statement used to delete records in the dataset (DeleteSQL).


Execute the SQL statement used to insert new records into the dataset (InsertSQL).


Execute the SQL statement used to update records in the dataset (ModifySQL).

If the statement to execute contains any parameters, an application must call SetParams to bind the parameters before calling ExecSQL. To determine if a statement contains parameters, examine the appropriate ModifySQL, InsertSQL, or DeleteSQL property, depending on the statement type intended for execution.

To both bind parameters and execute a statement, call Apply.