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Identifies a secondary index for the table.


property IndexName: String;


Use IndexName to specify an alternative index for a table. If IndexName is empty, a table's sort order is based on its default index.

If IndexName contains a valid index name, then that index determines the sort order of records.

IndexFieldNames and IndexName are mutually exclusive. Setting one clears the other.


This example uses the IndexName property to sort the records in a table on the CustNo and OrderNo fields.

PSQLTable1.Active := False;
// Get the current available indexes
// Find one which combines Customer Number ('CustNo') and
// Order Number ('OrderNo')
for I := 0 to  PSQLTable1.IndexDefs.Count - 1 do
  if PSQLTable1.IndexDefs.Items[I].Fields = 'CustNo;OrderNo' then
    // Set that index as the current index for the table
    PSQLTable1.IndexName := PSQLTable1.IndexDefs.Items[I].Name;
PSQLTable1.Active := True;