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Positions the cursor on the first record in the dataset.


procedure First;


Call First to position the cursor on the first record in the dataset and make it the active record. First posts any changes to the active record and:

      • Clears the record buffers.
      • Sets the cursor to the beginning of the dataset.
      • Fetches the first record, positions the cursor on it, and makes it the active record.
      • Fetches any additional records required for display, such as those needed to fill out a grid control.
      • Sets the Bof property to True.
      • Broadcasts the record change so that data controls and linked detail sets can update.

TDataSet uses internal, protected methods to position the database cursor and to fetch additional records required for display. In TDataSet, these internal methods are abstract. Descendant classes implement these methods to enable the First method to work.

See also: Example: Min,Max,Position,RecordCount,First,Next