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TPSQLBoxField encapsulates built-in PostgreSQL box type.

  TPSQLBox = packed record
    class operator Equal(B1: TPSQLBox; B2: TPSQLBox): Boolean;
    case Integer of
      0: (Right, Top, Left, Bottom: Double);
      1: (TopRight, BottomLeft: TPSQLPoint);
  TPSQLBoxField = class(TNumericField)
    property AsTRect: TRect;
    property Value: TPSQLBox;


Value property represents the dimensions of a rectangle (box). The coordinates are specified as either four separate float numbers representing the left, top, right, and bottom sides, or as two points representing the locations of the top right and bottom left corners.

Any two opposite corners can be supplied on input, but the values will be reordered as needed to store the upper right and lower left corners, in that order.