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Binds parameters in an SQL statement prior to statement execution.


procedure SetParams(UpdateKind: TUpdateKind);


Call SetParams to bind parameters in an SQL statement associated with the update object prior to executing the statement. UpdateKind indicates the type of statement for which to bind parameters, and can be one of the following values:


Bind parameters for the SQL statement used to delete records (DeleteSQL)


Bind parameters for the SQL statement used to insert new records (InsertSQL)


Bind parameters for SQL statement used to update records (ModifySQL)

Parameters are indicated in an SQL statement by a colon. Except for the leading colon in the parameter name, the parameter name must exactly match the name of an existing field name for the dataset.

note Parameter names can be prefaced by the 'OLD_' indicator. If so, the old value of the field is used to perform the update instead of any updates in the cache.