News details: DAC for MySQL 2.0 released

News details: DAC for MySQL 2.0 released

DAC for MySQLTM (former MySQLDAC) 2.0 is released.
  • Let's say "Farewell!" to libmysql.dll. Now you can distribute your aplications without this library (and possible license fees).
    Thanks to TDirectSQLObjects and Cristian Nicola;
  • Internal implementation of BDE modules and DBTables types, variables, and constants added;
  • New component added: TMySQLMacroQuery. Now you can use macros in SQL queries.
  • New component added: TMySQLMonitor. Works like standard TSQLMonitor;
  • New component added: TBDE2MySQLDAC. Converts BDE-based projects to DAC for MySQLTM (former MySQLDAC);
  • New component added: TMySQLBatchExecute. Allows to execute SQL queries in batch;
  • New component added: TMySQLTools. Allows to execute MySQL commands with easy (ANALYZE, REPAIR, CHECK ...);
  • New component added: TMySQLDump. Allows to make a dump of a database;
  • Support for 64 bytes DB objects names added (was 32 bytes);
  • Support for wildcards in GetDatabases and GetTableNames methods of TMySQLDataBase component added;
  • Some known bugs was fixed.

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