News details: InteractiveSQL 3.0 Release Candidate 1 is out.

News details: InteractiveSQL 3.0 Release Candidate 1 is out.

Version 3.0 RC1 (October 6, 2009)
This is a first release candidate for the upcoming InteractiveSQL 3.0 release.

Full changelog:

[!] Full Unicode support added.
[!] New Visual Query Builder added. Automatic metadata fetching (tables, views, columns, foreign keys information) for query optimizations.
[!] Queries history added.
[*] Configuration is stored in config.xml file now. Put it in the same folder with EXE-file to enable portable-mode. Query history is stored in history.xml now.
[*] Several context-menu scripts corrected. A lot of new scripts added for various objects
[*] Overall performance improved, usability improvements in GUI.
[+] Table columns and foreign keys are shown in tree.
[+] Auto scrolling of query results log added.

You are welcome to try new ISQL 3.0 RC1 right now at:
MySQL version:
PostgreSQL version:
or login to your private area on our site at

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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