News details: Interactive SQL 3.0 beta: get ready to meet new version.

News details: Interactive SQL 3.0 beta: get ready to meet new version.


Version 3.0 is a result of complete 2.x code refactoring. Actually a lot of application parts were rewritten from scratch.

ISQL 3.0 is built on the basis of completely new core. By using direct database access technologies ISQL attained great SQL execution speed and overall system performance.

User interface was redesigned with many users wishes taken into account. Now ISQL products have new ribbon interface, which makes it looks very stylish and feel very handy at the same time. User of ISQL also can customize GUI by a number of prepackaged themes.

For complex requests that return a number of resultsets an ability to watch whole data was added. Flexible customization abilities makes it possible to change the way results are displayed.

To take full control on SQL scripts execution, new extended log format is added. Now you can easily find and fix any errors and make detailed script profiling.

For people that does'nt like to code SQL by hands there was special GUI element added - context-dependent menu at navigation panel contains a list of recently used scripts. Simple wizard will help you to create SQL requests ready to be executed right away.

DBAs af huge databases amount will appreciate ability of databases grouping by servers.

Anyone that find portable programs preferrable has an ability to run ISQL from any medium. All it takes is to put executable file and [execution_file_name].xml configuration file into same folder.

You are welcome to try new ISQL 3.0 beta right now at:

MySQL version:
PostgreSQL version:

or login to your private area on our site at

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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