CHM eBook Reader v.2.5 is released

MicroOLAP Technologies is glad to announce new release of CHM eBook Reader, the best tool for reading CHM help systems and e-books on a Pocket PC device.

What's new:
  • Added support of Windows Mobile 2005;
  • Added on-fly errors correction in images links and file names for CHM e-books from Safari Books (some images were not displayed);
  • Added Key mapping function;
  • Added fullscreen mode (Fullscreen mode pop-up menu item);
  • Added Drag mode - now you can drag topic content by stylus or finger (Drag mode pop-up menu item);
  • Added Show/hide scrollbars pop-up menu item;
  • Added ability to view large images in a new window (Show Image pop-up menu item);
  • Added mapping buttons to the following functions:
    - Scroll Up
    - Scroll Down
    - Scroll Left
    - Scroll Right
    - Scroll one page Up
    - Scroll one page Down
    - Scroll one page Left
    - Scroll one page Right
  • Several bugs occur while merged CHM files reading were fixed;
  • Fixed bug in some JS functions processing (e.g. moving to new location by JS);
  • Fixed autobookmark bug when empty topic was opened.
Product page: http://microolap.com/products/pda/chmreader/
Order page: http://microolap.com/products/pda/chmreader/order/ (regular price is $14.95)

Christmas 20% discount is effective until January 17, please see details on the order page.

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