CHM eBook Reader 2.4 has been released!

CHM eBook Reader 2.4 has been released!

CHM eBook Reader for Pocket PC 2.4 became available in several
languages, introduces support of merged CHM and MultiFrame pages.

Download the new trial version of CHM eBook Reader right now at:

Already registered users can download the full version here:

The list of current changes:
[+] Added support of merged chm and *.col files;
[+] Added support of external (realtively to the current topic) JS files;
[+] Added support of MultiFrame pages;
[+] Added Language option (Automatic by default);
[+] Added Enable Script option (is off by default). If this option is off, CHM file opening is much faster, but external JS files will not be processed. JS files aren't used in most of CHM eBooks.
[+] Added several options for displaying of the CHM internal objects paths for merged CHMs reading.

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