Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.3 released

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.3 released

Version 1.2.3 (January 24, 2008)

Ability to choose custom colors for objects fill and outline added. GIN index access method added. New MSI-based installer.

Starting with this version, MicroOLAP Database Designer for PostgreSQL comes
with new MSI-based installer. Please  don't forget to uninstall
previous version manually before install this one.

We have also changed keys for this software to short ones (single
line). Please go to to obtain the new
key if you are registered user with actual Update Subscription.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:
[!] Ability to choose custom colors for objects fill and outline added

[+] Ability to choose outline color in Reference and Note editors added

[+] CONNECTION LIMIT option added to Database Editor and New Database

[+] GIN index access method added

[+] Scalar type definition supports type modifier input/output functions

[+] Support for cstring[] array data type added

[-] "ALTER TABLE ... SET TABLESPACE ..." statement generated by Modify
    Database has no trailing semicolon" bug fixed

[-] "Column renaming doesn't affect on Index attrbutes" bug fixed

[-] "Create table" context menu command created tables at random place

[-] "Decimals values not saved in model" bug fixed

[-] "ItemIndex out of range" error in Domain editor on Decimals value changing fixed

[-] "Note object outline displayed always black" bug fixed

[-] "Once set scalar function can not be deleted in Domain & UDT Manager" bug fixed

[-] "Selecting <Auto Create Column> item in Reference Editor can produce duped
    column names" bug fixed

You're welcome to support ticketing system at

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