Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.2 released

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.2 released

You are welcome to download it at

What's new:

[!] Minimap Navigator added
[+] UUID and XML base types introduced in PostgreSQL 8.3 are added
[+] Find Objects search option by extended mask (wildcards) added
[+] Checking of stored routines for language and result type matching added
[+] ANYENUM pseudo-type introduced in PostgreSQL 8.3 added
[*] View model object has now schema qualified caption
[*] Modify engine improved for renamed columns
[*] Model directory moved to My Documents since some users have no access to Program Files folder
[*] Find Objects now searches through function parameters, table constraints, rules, triggers and view rules
[*] Editors now use default system character set instead of ANSI.
[*] Ability to add more then one autoincrement column (serial, bigserial) added
[-] 'Scale combobox is not updated when switching between MDI windows' bug fixed
[-] "Trigger section of model file doesn't conform to XML standard" bug fixed
[-] "Pseudo types (trigger, record, cstring etc.) not parsed correctly by SQL Reverse Engineering" bug fixed
[-] "Invalid class typecast while doing Undo action" bug fixed
[-] "Double click on Check Result List item do nothing" bug fixed
[-] "Data was not saved after column name editing and pressing Alt+O to close Table Editor dialog" bug fixed
[-] "Can't change statements for rules of views" bug fixed
[-] "Can not delete column, as it's used in reference" bug fixed
[-] "Can not define column from foreign key as autoincemented (SERIAL)" bug fixed
[-] "Object Editor title doesn't change when object name was changed after Apply button is pressed" bug fixed
[-] "Some of the type aliases (boolean, serial4, serial8 etc.) not parsed correctly by SQL Reverse Engineering" bug
[-] "Duplicate schema in Schema Manager duplicates unique ID of the source schema" bug fixed
[-] "Access Violation when uncheck some tables in Merge Diagrams" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Database adds extra semicolon at the end of CHECK constraint statements" bug fixed
[-] "List index out of bounds(0) when script contains empty statements" bug fixed
[-] "A component named ... already exists" bug fixed

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