Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.9.0 is out!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.9.0 is out!

Improved and enhanced  long awaited release is available.  It introduces internal and architectural improvements. New compiler used as well as new exception tracer implemented. Some little changes and bug fixes are present too.

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.9.0 right now at:

Full changelog:
[!] New compiler used in development
[!] New exception tracer tool used
[-] "Designer doesn't restore itself to maximized state after restart" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Database ignores output script character case option" bug fixed
[-] "Reverse Engineer warns that diagram is not empty even though it clearly is" bug fixed

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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