Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.2 released

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.2 released

This is mostly bug fixing release. You should update your version of database designer as soon as possible.

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.2 right now at:

Full changelog:

[*] "ALTER TABLE SET WITH OIDS" support added to Modify Database engine
[*] Functions body is now printed as is without leading tabs
[-] "Cannot add WHERE predicate for index in Table Editor" bug fixed
[-] "Evaluation type for stored routine is always VOLATILE after Reverse Engineering" bug fixed
[-] "Find & Replace functionality is broken in SQL Executor" bug fixed
[-] "Model repair doesn't work until table coloring option is selected" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Database ignores unchecked Grant Privileges option sometimes" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Database using incorrect syntax for ADD CONSTRAINT if tablespace specified" bug fixed
[-] "Object Tree View doesn't refresh Roles and Tablespaces count after changes" bug fixed
[-] "Privileges are lost for schemas after editiing in Schema Manager" bug fixed
[-] "Privileges are lost for schemas after model saving" bug fixed
[-] "Role name must be quoted in CREATE DATABASE statement" bug fixed
[-] "Semicolon needed after REVOKE statement in Modify Database script" bug fixed
[-] "Some functions may have the same ID" bug fixed
[-] Bugs in Privilege Manager fixed

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our Support Ticketing system available at

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