Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.3.0 is out!

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.3.0 is out!

Version 1.3.0 (November 29, 2010)

PostgreSQL 9.0 support added (including some interface and functional enhancements).

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:

[!] Modify Database has the same options as the Database Generation now
[!] Support for conditional trigger execution (WHEN) added
[!] Support for exclusion (EXCLUDE) constraints added
[!] Support for SQL-compliant per-column triggers added
[!] Table's Storage Parameters support included
[!] Deferrable unique constraints support added
[!] Large object identifiers (>2147483647) support improved a lot
[+] "Columns Default Values" option added to generation and modify options
[+] "Reverse Engineering: INDEX TALESPACE information is fetched now for constraints"
[+] "Reverse Engineering: storage parameters are fetched now for constraints and indices"
[+] Support for FASTUPDATE storage parameter of GIN index added
[+] Support for TRUNCATE triggers added
[*] Additional checks added in object identifiers handling
[*] Constraint's detail pane of Table Editor is invisible now if there is no constraints in the list
[*] Extended error dialog displayed in case of Reverse SQL error
[*] Fillfactor and WithOIDs options moved to Storage tab in Table Editor
[*] Generate & Modify Dialogs preserve position and size after close
[*] Most recently used colors are placed at the top of color lists on object editors' Format tab
[*] New created indices in the Table Editor are not unique by default from now
[*] Trigger tab in Table Editor refactored
[-] "Access violation during disconnecting from database" bug fixed
[-] "Access violation during SQL reverse engineering of some ALTER TABLE statements" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot delete all sequences from model" bug fixed
[-] "Corrupted default value for boolean fields in Column Manager are shown" bug fixed
[-] "EInvalidCast error occurs if Default or Check info edited in Domains Type Manager" bug fixed
[-] "Model file is corrupted if error occurred during saving" bug fixed
[-] "No error messages shown for SQL Script Reverse Engineering" bug fixed
[-] "Object identifiers are down cased after SQL Reverse Engineering" bug fixed
[-] "Some hints are missing on buttons" bug fixed

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