Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.9 released

Version 1.2.9 (December 1, 2009)

Extended SQL Editor with code completion and syntax validation added.
Support for privileges added as well as Grant Manager for ACL editing.
Diagram objects drawing improved.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:

[!] Extended SQL Editor with code completion and syntax validation added
[!] Grant manager for objects added
[!] Support for database objects privileges introduced
[+] "Execute Script In Single Transaction (Alt + F9)" functionality added to SQL Executor
[+] "Override grant priveleges" option added to Database Modification
[+] Owner option added for objects to Database Generation dialog
[+] Privileges option added for objects to Database Generation dialog
[+] Several options added to Display Preferences dialog
[+] Support for database's LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE options added
[+] Support for VARIADIC parameters added
[+] Support for window functions added
[+] Tablespaces, Sequences and Roles added to Object Tree View
[*] Additional type modifers check added to Modify Engine
[*] Check for object identification added
[*] In-place creation of new trigger procedures inside Table Editor improved
[*] Quick Hand Tool Key is now set to spacebar by default
[*] Reverse Engineering dialog improved
[*] Stored routine processing improved in Modify Engine
[*] Undo\Redo improved
[-] "Access violation occurs after editing composite types in Type Manager" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot cancel Reverse Engineering using progress window" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot delete all users using Role Manager" bug fixed
[-] "Cannot open model through Windows Explorer (double click) if designer already launched" bug fixed
[-] "Generate Database ignores objects order from Selection tab" bug fixed
[-] "List index out of bounds in Run Script" error fixed
[-] "List index out of bounds trying to edit trigger in Table Editor" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Engine alters fields of "character" and "bit" types if width specifier ommited" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Engine alters function if array parameters used in definition" bug fixed
[-] "Modify Engine alters tables tablespace to "pg_default" bug fixed
[-] "Sometimes impossible to uncheck PK flag for column in the Table Editor" bug fixed

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