Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.6 released

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.6 released

Version 1.2.6 (November 12, 2008)

This release is mostly bugfix, also full support of indexes (including functional ones) is implemented.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:

[+] Ascending/descending (ASC/DESC) control during index creation added

[+] Control over whether NULLs sort first or last during index creation added

[+] Functional Indexes support added

[+] Undo is available for changes made in object managers now

[*] Empty names allowed for references (FK) now

[*] Impossible to create index without attributes now

[*] Index Manager doesn't display system indices anymore

[*] Index tab in Table Editor refactored

[*] Modify process is affected by Enclose Names model parameter now

[-] "Access Violation error occurs after click on column header in Modify Database on Selection tab" bug fixed

[-] "Access Violation error occurs when trying to switch to preview tab in Diagram Properties" bug fixed

[-] "Indexes marked as system after Reverse Engineering" bug fixed

[-] "License information is truncated in About window" bug fixed

[-] "Object managers don't check names for uniqueness and emptiness" bug fixed

[-] "Reference creation not affected by Generate checkbox in Reference Editor" bug fixed

[-] "Rules actions are empty after Reverse Engineereing" bug fixed

[-] "Rules WHERE condition is empty after Reverse Engineereing" bug fixed

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