Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.5 released

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.2.5 released

Version 1.2.5 (September 19, 2008)

Support for roles added! Compatibility with 8.3.x version of PostgreSQL is improved, array types support for table columns improved.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changelog:

[!] Support for roles added

[+] Ability to clear Output information (Check, Generation, Reverse) added

[+] Create Database Wizard allows tablespaces to be created before database now

[+] Create Role option added to Database Generation dialog

[+] FILLFACTOR storage parameter added for table

[+] User Type and Domain selection tab added to Database Generation dialog

[+] Views can be defined Temporary from now

[*] According to PostgreSQL standard schema definition for temporary tables is not available anymore

[*] Only B-tree indexes can be declared unique now in the Table Editor

[-] "Bits index out of range" bug fixed

[-] "CREATE DATABASE cannot be executed from a function or multi-command string" bug in New Database Wizard fixed

[-] "Designer doesn't save schema information for domains ans UDTs" bug fixed

[-] "Fit To Screen do nothing" bug fixed

[-] "Generate Database ignores Enclose Names option when building FOREIGN KEY constraint statements" bug fixed

[-] "Length and Decimals options are not editable for array column types (char[], numeric[] etc.)" bug fixed

[-] "Length option is ignored for bit and interval column types in CREATE TABLE statement" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database generate broken ALTER TABLE for tablespace changing" bug fixed

[-] "Modify Database recreates table constraints without necessity" bug fixed

[-] "Non-standard Report styles have incorrectly displayed table headers" bug fixed

[-] "Not all objects are refreshed after View -> Redisplay executed" bug fixed

[-] "Paste object from another model may create it outside draw area" bug fixed

[-] "Redo\Undo of Reference changes may cause "Invalid class" error" bug fixed

[-] "Select All from context menu doesn't select tables" bug fixed

[-] "Select All selects only references" bug fixed

[-] "Show Reference Join option value is not properly loaded from model file" bug fixed

[-] "Stamp model version info is not updated after Save if 'Auto-increment version on save' option checked" bug fixed

[-] "Tablespace name is not quoted in CREATE TABLESPACE statement" bug fixed

[-] "Temprorary Table On Commit action is not saved in model file" bug fixed

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