Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.6 released

Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.6 released

Version 1.9.6 (January 23, 2008)

This release introduces Minimap Navigator feature. Now work with
visual DB model is even more convinient.

Data directory was moved to My Documents folder since some
users have no access to Program Files folder.

There are several minor bugfixes, improvements and old-versions
compatibility features.

Since this version MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL comes
with new MSI-based installer. Please  don't forget to uninstall
previous version manually before installing this one.

We have also changed keys for this software to short ones (single
line). Please go to to obtain the new
key if you are registered user with active Updates subscription.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

Full changes list:
[!] New MSI-based installer. Please don't forget to uninstall previous
    version before installing this one

[!] Minimap Navigator feature added

[*] Data directory moved to My Documents since some users have no
    access to Program Files folder

[+] Ability to set definer for views, stored routines, triggers and

[+] Ability to choose custom colors for objects fill and outline from
    Color Palette added

[+] Ability to select parent table before child table when creating
    references with reference tool

[+] "Use 'TYPE' clause instead of 'ENGINE'" script generation option
    added for better pre-4.0.18 compatibility

[+] Warning when database connection name is not the same as model
    database name when deleting database added

[+] Model tags are treated case-insensitive now

[+] Test Data Generator will show 'SQL Result' dialog after generation
    if 'Generate only one file' option is checked

[-] "Double click on table header in table editor causes AV" bug fixed

[-] "Create table" context menu command created tables at random place

[-] 'Scale combobox is not updated when switching between MDI windows'
    bug fixed

[-] Bug when using "Up"/"Down" buttons on "Triggers" tab in "Table
    Editor" dialog fixed

[-] Data was not saved after column name editing and pressing Alt+O to
    close Table Editor dialog

[-] Bug with "VARBINARY" datatype in Column Manager fixed

[-] Sometimes 'Check model' option prevented Script generation even if
    no errors were found (warnings only)

[-] Problems while creating references on columns duplicated in Table
    Editor fixed

[-] Problem with very long strings in SQL editors fixed

You're welcome to support ticketing system at

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