Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.5

Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.5

Database Designer for MySQL v1.9.5 is released. SQL script executor is significantly
improved. Several GUI and Reverse Engineering improvements. Several bugs are fixed.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

What's new:

[!] Script executor improved significantly;
   [+] 'DELIIMTER' clause support;
   [+] MySQL extended comments (/*!50023 example */) support;
   [+] compatibility with scripts generated by mysqldump.exe utility;
   [+] statements with error are highlighted;
   [+] ability to abort script execution;
   [+] overall memory and performance optimizations;

[+] Enhanced reference visualization for selected tables added;

[+] Syntax highlighting improved for several SQL editors;

[+] Ability to select references or tables connected to selected
     table (Popup menu item);

[-] Bug with object search by partial string is fixed;

[-] Sometimes ' (single quotation mark) was generated in string
     values by Test Data Generator, replaced with \' (escaped context);

[-] Bugs in Table Editor when using "BIT" datatype in domain;

[-] Minor GUI bugs and improvements;

[-] AV was raised sometimes while performing reverse engineering
    from MS Access database;

[-] Sometimes auto-generated FK-indexes had no columns;

[-] Extra commas were generated while generating database without indexes;

[-] Problems with references numeration;

[-] Help file is not opened by F1 in some cases.

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