Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.4

Database Designer for MySQL v1.9.4 is released. Several bugs are fixed.

You're welcome to download the latest release from our website at:

What's new:

[+] Ability to exclude relationships diagram from report (useful for
very large diagrams)

[+] Interval backup/autosave feature

[+] FALCON engine support added

[+] Objects pasted from clipboard objects were left unselected

[-] Sometimes diagram area appeared under Object Tree View after
opening file

[-] Error while generating trigger with empty body

[-] All of the triggers are inserted into the model as BEFORE INSERT
type triggers while reverse engineering a database

[-] Problems with report generation for large diagrams ("No enough
storage" error)

[-] AV if default value for column is set to ' ' (space character)

[-] Auto_Increment flag editor was left for BLOB fields

[-] Bug with indexes with partial length

[-] FK-column names are restored properly after Delete-Undo of
reference now

[-] Model version number is incremented on save but does not updated
in stamp object

[-] Sometimes default value was generated for AUTO_INCREMENT column
causing MySQL error while executing SQL-script

[-] Filenames history was no remembered in Reverese Engineering from
MS Access dialog

[-] AV while performing reverse engineering of some MS Access

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