Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.3

Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.3

This release introduces Quick Hand tool, Color Palette,
Reverse Engineering improvements, several GUI improvements
and bugfixes

You're welcome to download the new version of microOLAP Database Designer
for MySQL right now at:

What's new:

[+] Color Palette added

[+] Quick Hand tool. Just hold Control key (default setting, can be
    changed in Environment options) and drag you diagram
    while Control key is pressed. Previous tool will be restored after
    Control key is released.

[+] Ability to perform Reverse Engineering without 'root' access to

[+] "Restore last opened files at startup" option

[+] "Are you sure?" question when closing dialogs with unsaved changes

[+] "Copyright" field added to model properties and to Stamp object

[+] Ability to use references with empty names. This is allowed by
    MySQL. MySQL generates such names internally

[+] On attempt to reopen the same file just corresponding window is
     set as active

[+] File name is added to the caption of diagram window

[+] Ability to show table comment on diagram

[+] Ability to show table triggers on diagram

[+] Ability to show column comments on diagram

[+] "Leave XXX tool selected after object creation" options added to
    Environment options for each diagram object creation tool

[+] Extended question (with object name and type) is asked now instead
    of previous "Do you really want to delete selected object?"

[+] Ability to set HTML report encoding (useful if you are using
    non-english symbols in objects names or comments)

[+] Several options were added to stored routine properties
    according to MySQL manual

[-] Sometimes national characters were shown with wrong encoding
    in SQL Executor

[-] Sometimes wrong default values for BLOB fields were generated

[-] Sometimes FK column names were duplicated on creation several
     references for primary keys with the same names

[-] Wrong tab order fixed in several dialogs

[-] Stored procedures and functions parameters names were not quoted
    with '`' (back single quote) while SQL script generation
[-] Stored routines parameters enclosed with '`' (back single quote)
    were not parsed correctly

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