Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.1

Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.1

Version 1.9.1 of the microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL is released.

Download the new version of microOLAP Database Designer for MySQL  right now at:

What's new:

[+] BINARY and VARBINARY datatypes support added

[-] Extra "UNSIGNED" clause was generated in some cases after column datatype is changed

[-] Access violation while UNDO operation after table removal

[-] Sometimes "List index out of bounds" error was raised on "Generate Database" dialog open

[-] "Column Manager" raised "List index out of bounds" error if model had columns of "BIT" datatype

[-] Bug while using Millimeters as units in Page Options

[-] Bug in generating default values for "BIT" columns

[-] Problems with connection to server with non-standard version string

[-] Some minor bugs in the script generation fixed

[-] Some minor bugs in Domain Manager fixed.

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