Database Designer for MySQL 1.8.8

Database Designer for MySQL 1.8.8

A new release presents View Data function, object format copying, BIT datatype support, a number of bug fixes.


[+] View Data function. It shows the data of tables and views and can
    be called from the object's context menu

[+] Customization of line, fill and font colors of all diagram objects

[+] Ability to copy object formatting - font, fill and line color -
    from one object to another

[+] "Display SQL Executor on View Data" environment setting

[+] SQL Executor shows data returning by SELECT queries

[+] BIT datatype support

[+] Ability to turn off stored procedures/functions body trimming
    while generating script (a new environment option)

[-] Some structures weren't output in the reports
[-] Bug with generating "DEFAULT '0' " for FK-columns was fixed

[-] Bug with UNDO-REDO of stored routines and views was fixed

[-] Foreign key columns were not merged

[-] Bug with generation of a name for a new reference

[-] Issue with diagram saving error was fixed

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