Database Designer for MySQL 1.8

Database Designer for MySQL 1.8


The new version introduces a long-awaited and totally new graphical engine with much more higher performance and reliability and a new database access layer that improves reverse engineering and database modification.

Now in details, what's new in MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL 1.8:

[+] A New Graphical Engine: works fast even with a huge amount of
    diagram objects, high performance on operations with a grid
    snapping. The new engine showed a great reliability over the
    previous version.

[+] A new database access layer improves the process of reverse
    engineering and refine the compatibility with different versions
    of MySQL server

[+] The process of opening diagrams with a huge amount of objects was
    greatly improved

[+] Reverse engineering MySQL triggers

[+] Ability to set the color of references

[+] Now reports are opened in default browser

[+] Automatic enlargement of a diagram during auto-layout

[-] Some bugfixes in procedure editor

[-] Triggers weren't participated in the models merging

[-] A bug in test data generator

[-] Undo didn't restore a deleted stamp

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