Database Designer for MySQL 1.7

Database Designer for MySQL 1.7


We are glad to announce a new version 1.7 of MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL.

What's new in MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL:

[+] Support for triggers - a new feature of MySQL 5.0 - was implemented

[+] Diagram drawing performance and reliability were improved.
    Annoying "Canvas don't allow drawing" error was eliminated.

[+] Reference Manager tool was added. It allows to view and modify
    basic parameters of all the table references within the diagram

[+] Syntax highlighting was improved according to last MySQL manual

[+] Automatic maximizing of diagram window when diagram is being opened

[+] Checking the uniqueness of reference names in Check Diagram

[+] Comments to table columns now used during SQL statements

[+] Result List window is automatically shown if some errors or
    warnings are found during diagram checking

[+] New toolbar Object Managers

[+] A warning message will be shown before rewriting an existing file
    with a report

[-] A reference was not correctly drawn if had a multiple-field link

[-] Fixed an SSH module installation issue

[-] Fixed several issues related to domains

[-] Fixed bug preventing setting INVOKER SECURITY for stored procedures

[-] Fixed bug in a filed selection list of Index Manager

[-] And other bugfixes and changes.

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