Database Designer 1.6 has been released!

Database Designer 1.6 has been released!


The new version 1.6 of MicroOLAP Database Designer for MySQL has been
released. It presents abilities to establish connection using SSH tunneling
and secure SSL channel and a powerful tool for test data generation.

Full list of current changes:

[+] The secure shell (SSH) tunneling is now implemented in Database
    Designer. Now when creating a connection profile you can enable
    SSH tunneling, define the SSH host parameters and connect to your
    MySQL database through SSH.

[+] Support of direct SSL communication implemented in MySQL server

[+] The new powerful tool Test Data Generator that allows you to
    generate test data for database testing such as performance
    testing, load testing and quality assurance testing

[+] Support of the latest beta versions of MySQL 5.0

[+] Ability to set character set and collation for databases and
    a tables

[+] Support of cluster and other new table types
[+] The Connection Manager has been fully redesigned

[+] Ability to change the order of tables during database generation
    and modification

[+] Changing domain settings leads to update of columns linked

[+] Integration with Interactive SQL for MySQL, powerful SQL query
    tool (

[+] Ability to show columns participated in the reference right on the

[+] Ability to set default action for the new references

[+] The database modification properties and the list of selected
    tables now are being remembered and restored on the next database

[+] Several improvements in the report system

[+] Behavior of recent files menu has been improved

[-] An error that leads reference to the tmp_ tables during database
    modification has been fixed

[-] The tables in the Tree View now are being sorted properly

[-] The ENUM values, consisting of several words, are processed
    correctly now

[-] A bug with the clipboard opening has been fixed

[-] An error with file association setting under non-privileged
    account has been fixed

[-] An error of table alias recognition in the views has been fixed

[-] The several issues with copying/pasting views and stored
    procedures has been fixed

[-] And other bugfixes and changes.

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