Database Designer for MySQL version 1.5 has been released!

Database Designer for MySQL version 1.5 has been released!

Now Database Designer fully supports views – a new feature of upcoming MySQL 5.0.

A lot of improvements were made, and a bunch of bugs were fixed. Here is the list of the main changes:

[+] Support of SQL views was implemented: generation, modification, checking, reverse engineering of views were added.
[+] Database – a new virtual object was added. It can be used in a process of new database generation for setting additional parameters.
[+] The View Manager was added.
[+] Diagram symbol of stored procedure or function now shows additional information (input parameters, return data type, etc…)

[-] SQL Executor tool was improved. Abilities to ignore the errors and to abort the process during script execution were added.
[-] Fixed errors occurred on reverse engineering of an Access database with national symbols.
[-] Error with removing renamed foreign key columns during deleting of references was fixed.
[-] Error with reading the model date with different regional settings was fixed.
[-] Fixed bug with Fit to Screen occurred on large diagrams.
[-] Find Object now searches views, stored procedures and functions.
[-] Database Generation and Database Modification tools were changed to improve support of stored routines, views and the database object.

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