Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.7 released

Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.7 released

Version 1.9.7 (September 16, 2008)

This release introduces ability to create partitioned tables for MySQL 5.1+.
There are a lot of minor improvements and bugfixes.

Full changelog:

[!] MySQL 5.1+ table partitioning support added

[+] Several Test Data Generator bugs fixed, performance improved

[+] "on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" clause support for TIMESTAMP columns

[+] Ability to limit ENUM/SET items number when displaying column
    datatype on diagram

[+] Columns in SQL Result grid are sortable now

[+] Ability to set character set and collation for particular columns

[+] Reverse Engineering from non-standard MySQL builds improved

[*] Characterset and collation lists are adopted for latest
    MySQL versions

[-] "MEMO-field becomes varchar(0) after MS Access Reverse
    Engineering" bug fixed

[-] "Select All from context menu doesn't select tables" bug fixed

[-] "Tables on diagram are not redrawn after domains properties
    change" bug fixed

[-] "Model doesn't refresh itself after page size changing" bug fixed

[-] "Column properties are not updated after changing domain in Column
    Manager" bug fixed

[-] "Create Object context menu may add object to model with wrong
    coordinates" bug fixed

[-] "Changing diagram pages has no immediately effect on the display
    of the Minimap Navigator" bug fixed

[-] Minor syntax highlighting improvements

[-] Minor bugs in SQL Executor

You're welcome to download the Database Designer for MySQL 1.9.7 right now at:

Login to your private area on our site at to obtain your
key if you have a license.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or report bugs with our
Support Ticketing system available at

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