Stored Routine Manager

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Stored Routine Manager allows you to view and modify the basic parameters of all stored procedures and functions within the diagram.

To open Stored Routine Manager use the Stored Routine Manager item on Diagram tab of the Ribbon or press Ctrl + 6.


The main part of the dialog window is the stored routines grid. The grid rows stand for the stored procedures and functions, and the grid columns stand for their parameters.

These parameters can be changed by using Stored Routine Editor for each routine one by one, but with the manager you can do it much more quickly.

The grid allows you to modify the following properties:

The name of the routine;

Security type
This option can be used to specify whether the routine should be executed using the permissions of the user who creates the routine or the user who invokes it. The default value is DEFINER. The creator or invoker must have permission to access the database with which the routine is associated;

Includes the routine to the default selection in the Database Generation and Database Modification tools;

An arbitrary description of the routine.

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