How to Edit Table Index

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The Index Editor is placed within the Table Editor dialog. It allows you to modify the list of table indexes as well as index properties.


The main element of the editor is the index list, which displays all indexes available within the table. The columns of the list allow you to modify the properties of the selected index.

These properties are:

Index Name
The name of the index, which must be unique within the table.

Defines the UNIQUE constraint for the selected columns. I.e. the combination of the included field values must be unique within the table.

The list of index attributes.

This option can be applied to the index if all its fields are CHAR, VARCHAR, or TEXT; it allows you to perform relevance-based search within the included fields.

The buttons under the list of indexes allows you to perform the following actions:

Add a new index with the default properties to the end of the list;

Add a new index with the same properties as the selected index to the end of the list;

Remove the selected index from the list;

Move the selected index along the list.

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